Chi Lin monastery, Hong Kong

Chi Lin monastery, Hong Kong

A shaky video tour of the Chi Lin monastery grounds, about 20-30 minutes by car from the iclub hotel. Alternatively, one can take bus 101. I decided to try using Uber for the first time and got there fairly quickly this morning before work so I got to explore the gardens at a leisurely pace and made it back to the office in time. It was a really hot day today however, about 33C, but well worth it. Many people carry regular umbrellas to protect themselves from the heat, I gave that a try.

The monastery was like a vision of paradise. It is not crowded as many tourist attractions are, which adds a lot to the experience if you enjoy a tranquil ambiance.

I would definitely recommend these gardens to travelers going to Hong Kong. There is also an awe inspiring statue of Buddha to be found at the temple, at least four times the size of a person and covered in gold with offerings of fruit before him (photos where not allowed however).

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