Japanese Mountain Village

About This Project

“The Valley of Gold”

An original acrylic painting on a large gallery canvas, signed by the artist.

Size: 48″ x 36″

(This painting has thick edges and so it can be hanged without a frame.)

About the artwork: “The Valley of Gold” was created intuitively, that is to say, entirely from imagination without an initial conception of what the final work would look like. I very much enjoy this type of painting because it feels free and personal, rather than painting from a reference or a model. In essence it is made from memories, ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

To create this artwork, I experimented with different textures and ways of applying paint and looked for images and symbols in the paint drips. One may think of it as a very large Rorschach Test. I began with a golden background which became the sky for this landscape. The mountains were the next layer, created using a pallet knife over a thick layer of white and russet colored paint. Some of the paint splotches became rivers and waterfalls, others were refined to create cliffs. This process reminds me of sculpting, where one starts with large tools, creating with energy, and as layers are added or removed, more fine details are applied with meticulous care.

This painting is influenced by ancient Japanese ink drawings but reinterpreted in a modern way with new techniques in an original setting. If you look closely at the buildings you will see skyscrapers on the mountains (on the top left) rather than huts and clusters of homes with terracotta roof, many several stories high, showing a higher quality of life while still retaining the rustic charm of the mountain setting with its intricate bridges and flowing waterfalls.

Japanese Court